DIVA – a classic tale of demise” is based on a strange and weird dream I had a few years ago. The nature of dreams is elusive, and I cannot recall all details. But what I do remember is feeling alone and being in a desolate place where time seemed to be absent. It was a sort of silent chaos. I remember seeing Earth from space. I knew it was Earth, but somehow it was different. It was alien and hostile. I remember water in containers that sparked with electricity. I remember crumbling concrete walls. I remember worms crawling on the ground. I remember garbage. And I remember how the feeling of nothingness, emptiness and stillness ultimately emancipated me and I woke from the dream.

This is what I’ve tried to capture in my film. The feelings and the imagery I seem to remember from my dream. It’s weird, abstract and wonderful. I hope you like it!

Lars Nørretranders, 2011

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If the playback isn’t fluid please press pause and wait for the grey bar to load (Duration 5:03)